War & Procreation: How Humans Make History

By Principal Marshal Ulan of House Rowntree

Ex-Leader of the Imperial Forces in the Kingdom of Dovek

The following is only a portion of a manifesto written by a former Imperial General the same night he was assassinated. It describes his intentions to begin a rebellion in Dovek against the Empire of Azvary. It is debated whether this was a plot to prevent the lives of thousands by putting a halt to his plans of rebellion. Or if it was just a robbery turned into murder. We may never know if there were any co-conspirators in the General’s plot to win independence in Dovek for Humans.

The history of the human races on Duesala should be written in blood. Not just our own, but that of every other sentient species and beast that roam its lands. Legends even tell of a few that we may have driven into complete extinction generations ago. During the age when all human races were conquering lands and carving out kingdoms for themselves. What else would you expect? Being favored by the gods, it is our divine right to expand aggressively. The strong survive. All of history, human and otherwise, is a testament to those words.

The Qarlucin understand this. It is why, centuries ago, we faced them in war as they attempted to move their empire into Olgast. Even with their superior strength and size, we were able to repel those overgrown, horned beasts for years. After thousands of deaths, the Qarlucin emperor, Rolon Biatel Irx, and the King of Olgast, Nomec of House Dremsaig, decided they would settle matters themselves. Since the human king happened to be of above average height for a human, an ancient Qarlucin tradition was invoked. This tradition, if it can be called that, involved both participants ramming their horned skulls into each other until one fell. A violent display of strength that some Qarlucin ancestor must’ve seen two sulwali perform. They also must’ve felt it was fantastic way to settle disputes. King Nomec never found a way to say no to a good fight. This single bout would determine if Azvary would retreat, or if Olgast would become a province. Since the Human and Qarlucin were outmatched in hardheadedness, Tybal forged a special helmet for the Human King. The two armies met south of the Atterun Forest where their leaders were to violently run towards each other and crash their skulls until one fell. Three times. Three times they rammed into each other before the Emperor’s head was proven to be harder. Something only a Qarlucin or a sulwali would be proud off. To be a spectator at that historical event. What a grand, and oddly terrifying, sound that must have been to experience. I do not believe I know a word that would accurately describe it. As legends tell it, from that day forward King Nomec wore that helmet into every battle as an honorary Qarlucin. From that day forward, every battle helped the Empire of Azvary expand its borders into Dovek.

Humans have ancient traditions of our own. For days before battle, our warriors spend as much time procreating as they do training. In the case the warrior falls in a battle, there must be plenty of offspring to do their part. Kivak accepts our offerings during battle, and we keep continue to live and continue to procreate. If the Qarlucin didn’t take Dovek, it would only have been a matter of time before we did. The Umarek have so much room divided among its tribes, and we needed. Those damn ugly Umarek knew we were coming and were confident with their numbers. The Umarek themselves are just as big and strong as the Qarlucin, without the horns but with tusks. Any learned being would believe that an Umarek would quickly win in a fight against a human. That was before we went to war.

History can only be made once. After months of paying that thief have finally resulted in King Nomec’s lost helm. It is my turn to make it into the pages of history and reshape borders. Humans took Dovek, it is time it is ruled by Humans. Our independence will begin by taking Arron’s Crossing. Governor Ptomec has always been more loyal to the Empire than to Dovek. His blood will write the first page of Humans new history.

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