The Story of Creation

By Sage Idrika of Rosefrost

Since long before history was recorded, gods shaped the world. Edri, Aleya and Oesias witnessed a baron ball and decided they would each give themselves to it. The goddess Oesias cried and then cut herself, flooding the land with her blood and tears. Aleya removed her eyes giving it a sun and moon. She then laid her body over the world, her breath breezing throughout. Edri gave his very essence to the world to become one with it. All flora emerged from soil, high mountains and deep valleys gave it land forms. The world thrived with beauty but there was no one to appreciate the splendor. Olythiss whispered a secret to small specks of life he saw swimming in the waters and Milvana gave them knowledge to understand what it meant. All manner of beasts evolved, some even moving to land and began walking upright. This resulted in various learned species that could praise the gods for their work. Human. Alesh. Umarek. Qarlucin. All the others. Everyone as diverse as the plants and trees that covered the ground. Whether they have pointy ears or horns on their heads. If they soar in the sky or swim in the oceans. Regardless of how they communicate with each other. In all their distinctiveness, they all shared one common trait: the gods have embedded themselves into almost every aspect of their life. Mothers pray to Anira for protection over their homes and children. Men and women have made sacrifices to Kalil in hopes their beloved will return all their affections. In all of this, the gods grown in power. The mere acts of teaching and learning feed Milvana. Tybal is given strength with every pound of a hammer turning iron into steel. It is an everlasting symbiotic relationship.

Gods have even been known to take special interests in the lives of certain mortals. Blessing those they deem worthy in various ways. They have imparted powerful artifacts to selected champions after enduring trails. The Blacksmith god Tybal has crafted armor and weapons from materials only he can manipulate. Many legendary heroes have been charged with sacred undertakings for the betterment of all. The Order of the Phoenix was founded by several mortals from across Duesala at the behest of Milvana. They were to pursue new discoveries, collect and share knowledge, and properly preserve it for all time. At times, the god’s involvement can become more intimate. A mortal may even be personally imbued with some of a god’s power. And although not always through conventional mortal methods or reproduction, this curiosity has resulted in half-god, half-mortal offspring. The children that spawn, named Divinebreed, are born as an embodiment of their god parent’s realm of domain. A consecrated lineage is created, from which each generation holds a possible Divinebreed. Their legacy materializing at random moments, astonishing everyone who is fortunate enough to witness it. Scholars and Sages have not found any specific method or time frame for how or when a descendant may realize their gift. Inquiring minds continue to be perplexed, even the pursuit of knowledge is not more important than the pursuit of life itself. Life that carries with it a piece of the gods that formed, brought about and been instilled into that, and every, life. It is a recurring symbolic relationship.

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