Surviving the Gods: Part 1

This series of short stories was written after years of research into the life of Anthalos and his trials to survive the Gods themselves. Although they are mostly a work of fiction, the Sages of the Order has recognized many of the events to be historically accurate. Good luck figuring out which. The debate continues years after the book was published, which in turn was years after any of the events had taken place.

Written By Sabina of House Sorfohrg.

We may never know if everything that happened to Anthalos was because of the gods’ favor, or hatred. Being the son of Olythiss, Anthalos was blessed with the gift to evolve re-actively to survive. It may have been utter cruelty to give him this gift, only to consistently test it throughout his life. Not much is known of his mother, Evelynn, other than she was of a wealthy family from the southern Konovin region in Dovek. Sadly, House Roylin would never meet Anthalos. The Gods have never had a habit of raising the spawn produced, even those conceived more intimately. After Evelynn became pregnant, there was no father for her to marry, forcing her family to shun her. The pregnancy was rather unusual, barring the family from keeping it a secret from any would-be husbands. With no man willing to be the father to such a child, she was forced to leave her home and search for other means for her and her child’s survival.

Bormin, a drunkard city watchman in Ormswood, was the man Anthalos grew up calling father. Early in the marriage, he would mutter that he was not Anthalos’s true father. Evelynn would lie to Anthalos, saying that his father was simply a drunken idiot. His talk was mere anger from his difficult job, and he did not express it well. Anthalos always carried a painful feeling that there was truth in those words. His internal torture became one of his worst nightmares when Bormin became physically abusive towards Evelynn. It did not take long before Anthalos stood between him and his mother. After the first bombardment of attacks, Anthalos noticed there was no pain. No markings left behind. No signs that he had ever been struck. It was then he was certain of Bormin’s claims. He assured his mother that he would never allow this man to harm her again because he could take all the beatings. Anthalos revealed his newfound strength and gift to withstand harm. Evelynn immediately knew what this meant and made Anthalos promise never to divulge this secret to anyone. She told Anthalos what he was and who his father was. Explaining that the treatment of Divinebreeds throughout Duesala was temperamental at best. He would have to learn to survive the world without letting anyone know who he truly is.

Years after abusing Anthalos, Bormin himself grew curious about the lack of bruising or wounds. During another inebriated night, Bormin attacked Evelynn with his short sword. Demanding the truth, he might have killed her had it not been for Anthalos. During the scuffle, Anthalos was stabbed but the knife was immediately stopped. His skin transformed into metal at the point of penetration. Evelynn used the moment to stab Bormin, and he used his last breath to reciprocate. She, however, did not have a gift to impede the blade. In freeing herself from her abuser, she trapped Anthalos into a life of secrecy. The murder of a city watchman, for any reason, would send a swarm of Imperial constables and Sentinel’s Shield. Powerful mages and Divinebreeds would descend upon the city with a swiftness only the goddess Nubrim could exceed if anyone suspected Anthalos of being Divinebreed. Escaping the city would be the easiest task to come.

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