Land of Gods


Elder Sage Aryk of Dinah once wrote:

     Describing Duesala is akin to chronicling fictional accounts of a distant land, conceived for the sole purpose of fantastical tales. Yet it is a land brimming with historical accounts of legendary magnitude. It’s legacy as the “Land of Gods” has been well earned. The eccentric landscape is only one of multiple forms the power of the gods is displayed. For example, there is a mountain range separating two Imperial nations named the Dragon Spine Mountains. Aptly named for following the shape of a sleeping dragon, with horns in the north and a tail that wraps up in the south. There are also the utopian forests that seem to span all To’Ales. The tremendous Rivers Kholonya & Yaronya that slice through Duesala and the several wastelands and chasms that scar the land. Which itself is covered in a tremendous exhibition of vegetation as well as a monstrous index of living; and some would argue unliving; creatures. It is also home to several sentient species, on land and in water, including Alesh, Human and Vinoran. The stories that could be told within the borders of the floating islands alone are enough to fill the Milvanim Saha’Pienum. Alas, we are not here to speak of fantasy, but of history. Not the one-sided history you will hear taught throughout the fraudulent universities. As the closest translation is Milvana’s House for Wisdom, the Milvanim Saha’Pienum was built to house the amassed collected knowledge of the realm. It grows with fictional stories, journal entries, and official dossiers and maps kept by the Order of the Phoenix. Cataloged and preserved for eternity.

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