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Trouble's Back 
by Writer/Comic Creator Joey Piñeda

A new epidemic spreads through the waves of the West Texas music scene. Fresh off his own tragedies, Troublesome returns to music. The current state of hip-hop has drastically changed. It's up to Troublesome and his team to clean up this solid waste. What or who will he encounter? And is this isolated to just hip-hop or is it bigger than that. The possibilities are endless...but one thing remains...Trouble’s back!

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Age of the Remnants 
Created/Written/Illustrated/Colored by Creator

Russell Oldham

In the year 2347 AD humans are extinct. The earth belongs to the Chimeras, genetic hybrids created to serve humanity. After decades of peace, conflict and war are returning to the world. Three unlikely heroes choose to make a stand against the darkness and the rising forces of the Ammonites.