Art by: Gabriel Caitanos


A simple and happy life is all Emora has dreamed of since she was a young woman. Two, maybe three, children, a devoted husband, and a home filled with love. Away from Umareks or the other savage races and any nefarious Divinebreeds. Several incidents in her life caused her to distrust Divinebreeds by the time she unknowingly married one. As a child, she witnessed a Divinebreed boy accidentally cause his younger brother to ascend into the sky, past Aleya’s own sight. Although clearly an accident, her wariness towards them began on that day. However, Emora’s veneration for her gods did not diminish. Yuli assures justice and peace prevail. Anira’s protection would always surround her. Faith in Kalil would guide her to love. Her faith began to wane when Bithra walked into her home. The day Emora’s perfect fantasy became her worst nightmare.

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