Art by: Gabriel Caitanos


Simple words to describe a simple man. Thief. Liar. Cheat. Hero. Living in the Horndull district in Arron’s Crossing is difficult enough without worrying someone will steal what the corrupt officials have not taxed from you already. Growing up an orphan did not grant Edwar much of a life, tempting him to steal what he needed, and wanted. As a young thief he was caught trying to steal from a Sage from the Order of the Phoenix. Luckily, the Sage needed assistance from someone with Edwar’s skill set. Deeming it a better option to the dungeons of Nightwell Keep, he decided to take the ‘job.’ Edwar continued to re-appropriate belongings for the Sage, Elderin, until the betrayal. He spent some time in those dungeons before being given the opportunity to utilize his talents for the Imperial Army. It was during his service that me met Anthalos and forged a bond that would last years.

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